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The Tree House Artisans!

The Tree House is a place where artists of all types can come together and share their talents and passions with each other. Being a band whose home base is the Tree House, we have largely focused on the music that has spawned from there. However, the time has come to showcase some of the other talent who add their craft to make these events even more special and unforgettable.

Whenever possible, we will display artwork created at and/or for the Tree House and provide links to the original artist. We hope that you enjoy this great art and captured-movement, but we would also love it if you could support these artists by visiting their sites and maybe buying some artwork from them!

So without further ado:

Lucretia Seabrook
Lucretia Seabrook is an artist from Salem, MA. She loves to create collages with tissue paper, sheet music, and maps. Recently, she has taken her process outside – plein air collage. Attending the Tree House Jams has been incredibly inspiring. Listening to live music and making art while in the great outdoors has helped Lucretia loosen up her style and art making approach. She also has an interest in art therapy. Making art can be calming and helps people to slow down, take a breath, and relax. Whatever form of art it may be, creation is truly good for the soul.
Natti Tree House sketch by Lucretia Seabrook Plein Air Collage - Last Tree House Jam by Lucretia Seabrook Band Practice Sketches by Lucretia Seabrook Tree House Spirits by Lucretia Seabrook
"Natti Tree House Sketch" "Plein Air Collage"
Last Tree house Jam
"Band Practice Sketches" "Tree House Spirits"
Cheryl Guerino-Verduga

Cheryl Guerino-Verduga is a visual artist living in Lowell Massachusetts. In recent years, her focus has been on face and body art but in April 2014, Cheryl returned to the canvas after a 20 year break and is currently commissioned both internationally and at home in the States.

For more information, or to contact Cheryl email her at

Cheryl Guerino-Verduga - 2014 Tree House 2 Cheryl Guerino-Verduga - "Higher Fun" Cheryl Guerino-Verduga  
Nick J. Steglich
Nick is admittedly our designer - who creates many of our promotional fliers, website, stickers, T-Shirts, and really anything we need to look good. He's usually the guy running around, taking pictures of everyone at the Tree House, so his artistic contributions are less of the 'make it at the tree house' and more of the 'make it at home as inspired by the tree house'.
Tree House Charlatans CD Label by Nick Steglich Tree House Charlatans CABC Show Flier by Nick Steglich Tree House Charlatans CABC Show Flier by Nick Steglich Tree House Charlatans Stone Church Show Flier by Nick Steglich
"Centennial Sessions"
CD Label Design
Cape Ann Brewing Co.
Promtional Flier
January 9, 2014
Cape Ann Brewing Co.
Promtional Flier
April 26, 2014
Stone Church
Promtional Flier
July 25, 2014

More artisans to come...

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